Wed. Feb 1st, 2023

Grants & Bursaries

BURSARIES: The Arts Council offers one bursary each year to an A.L. Fortune graduating student of $1000.00.

This bursary is awarded to a deserving student planning on pursuing an arts education in the fields of music,
performance, writing, and visual art (not excluding digital arts).  The bursary must be used within two years and will be paid
following proof of enrolment in a post-secondary arts program.

Application for the bursary must be made through A.L. Fortune.

GRANTS: The Arts Council also offers grants to groups or individuals that apply for financial assistance related to their involvement in arts and culture. Example:  Registration fees for a workshop or classes, lessons, supplies, and travel expenses.  This could include, but not limited to,  painting, dance, writing, music, sculpture, sketching, poetry, etc.

Application for a Grant should be sent in writing to:

Enderby & District Arts Council 
Box 757,
Enderby, BC   V0E 1V0

Or dropped off at:

The Enderby Arts Centre

617 Cliff Avenue

Enderby B.C.

The applicant should include the following:

 * Name of individual or organization with contact information

 * Their involvement in the arts to date

 * What the funds would be used for

 * The amount requested



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