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Grants & Bursaries

BURSARIES: The Arts Council offers two bursaries each year to A.L. Fortune students. One bursary is awarded each year to a graduating student who is pursuing further education in the Arts. The second bursary, The Alyson Witts Leadership Bursary, established in 2013, is awarded to a graduate demonstrating initiative and leadership skills. Application for either bursary must be made through A.L. Fortune.

GRANTS: The Arts Council also offers grants to groups or individuals that apply for financial assistance related to their involvement in arts and culture, such as registration fees for a workshop, lessons, supplies. This could include painting, dance, writing, music, sculpture, scetching, poetry etc.


Application for a Grant should be sent in writing to:

Enderby & District Arts Council Courtyard Gallery
Box 757,
Enderby, BC   V0E 1V0

The applicant should include the following information..

Their involvement in the arts to date

What the funds would be used for

The amount requested

Applicants must also download a basic information form and send it with their letter of application.


You can also use our online form here, and an EDAC representative will get back to you within 5 business days.

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Contact Us

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