Sat. May 18th, 2024



Each year EDAC offers two bursaries to graduates of AL Fortune Secondary School (Enderby) pursuing post secondary education in the arts:  a general bursary and the Alyson Witts Leadership Bursary.  Each bursary is $500.00.  

For the first time one student has received both awards – Hannah Hinz.  She has enrolled this fall at UBC in Kelowna to pursue her love of art, specializing in animation.  



Neil Fidler, President of EDAC, congratulates and presents Hannah with a $500.00 cheque.





Alyson Witts, presents Hannah with the Alyson Witts Leadership Bursary of $500.00.  To receive this award she showed leadership by example, has a well developed work ethic and reflects the quali-    ties of good citizenship.






On June 17th, EDAC honored Desiree Roell with a lifetime membership  and a beautiful rose bush.  Over the years Desiree wore many hats including Vice President and Hospitality Director. Her straight forward approach served EDAC well as they knew any job she took on would be completed, as she gave 100%.     We are thankful for her hardwork,  dedication and friendship.  Maureen Robertson (past President) and Neil Fidler (President) present Desiree with the lifetime membership award and the rose bush.



On June 2nd, The Courtyard Gallery reopened their doors after been closed for almost three months due to the COVID-19 virus.  The gallery has a much more open feeling giving their guests time to browse before purchasing a special item made by a local artist.  

The Courtyard Gallery signage has been updated with new colors and the EDAC sign has been added to the front of the building making it official this is where their office is now located.  If you wish to join EDAC you can pick up a membership form at the gallery or download it from this website.


EDAC has put forth a fun program to all students of MV Beattie Elementary School (Enderby) to help raise funds for their breakfast program.  Interested artists have been asked to submit one piece of art between June 9 and  June 12, from 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm, to The Courtyard Gallery.  The art will be showcased in a perpetual calendar to be sold to the public by September 1st, for $20.00 each.  ALL proceeds raised will be donated to the breakfast program.   Participating students will have their names entered into a draw for a $50.00 gift certificate.  We will keep you posted on this project.


Due to COVID-19 and the high probability of continuing restrictions throughout the summer we have made the decision to cancel the Enderby Arts Festival.  

Thank you to all of you who have volunteered in the past and were planning on helping out this year.  The Arts Festival can’t happen without you.  We will try again for July 24, 2021.

In the meantime we are planning a number of smaller arts events that can be safely put on so stay tuned.  We invite you to follow us on Facebook.


February 1, 2020 marks the official merger of the Enderby and District Arts Council with the Enderby Artists Initiative (Courtyard Gallery). Merging the two organizations deals with the problem that besets many small town groups: not enough volunteers to serve as directors and to manage the organizations projects. Having two separate non-profits with similar goals and objectives had become unsustainable. The Enderby and District Arts Council and the Courtyard Gallery are now one and the same. You will still the names EDAC and Courtyard Gallery but as one organization the Courtyard Gallery becomes the centre of arts activities in Enderby. The revitalized Enderby and District Arts Council and Courtyard Gallery will continue to bring to the people of Enderby and District the art experiences that they have come to expect from the monthly Coffee House to the Arts Festival. The Courtyard Gallery offers a space for member artists to display and sell their work and is open Tuesday to Saturday 10 am to 4 pm at 104-907 Belvedere Street in Enderby. Visit the Courtyard Gallery website at